Almost every free, democratic country in the western world hosted the wellknown atheist bus campaign during the last 3 months. We can read the slogan “There is probably no god” in almost every language of the world in all the bigger cities, even in Finnish:

But what is possible in strongly religious countries like Spain or Italy is obviously impossible in Germany. The German Bus Campaign asked twelve public transport companies in twelve German cities, like Berlin, Munich, Regensburg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Potsdam, Fulda, Hamburg, Leipzig und Bremen for permission to put their slogans on busses. Most of the bus companies refused because of advertisement rules rejecting all kinds of religious ads. Not so in Dortmund. The local bus company accepted a bus ad by a catholic movement, saying “Don’t worry, there is a god. So, have a nice day”

… but rejected the opposite bus ad by the German Bus Campaign. The slogan “There is (almost certainly) no god. A satisified live needs no faith” was considered by bus company officials to collide with their rule, that ads “defaming religions” are not allowed.

This is absolutely outrageous and embarrassing for a so called secular country like Germany.

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